Gym Dance Tennis Team Sports Massage Cardio Vascular Gymnastic Martial Arts Swimming
Gym Room Chabrel Farhat/ Walid Karam
Charbel Rayes/ Michel Fakhoury 
Everyday from 8:00-22:00
Private Coaching Charbel Farhat/ Walid Karam/
Michel Fakhoury/ Joe Khoury 

Course Instructor Timing
Ballet Stephannie  F/ 18:00-19:00 PM
 ZUMBA KIDS  DARINE  W 15:00-16:00 PM 
Modern Oriental Dance (Body Stretching) Roula Matar M/TH 20:00-21:00 PM
Hip Hop BEG Audile  T 17:00-18:00 PM
Hip Hop INT/ADV Audile T/TH 18:00-20:00
Zumba Soline M/W19:45-20:30
BODY SCULPT Nelly Kikano T/TH 8:15-9:30 AM
Basketball Charles Bardawil SAT/11:30-12:30 
Football Beginner Georges Abdo F/17:00-18:15
Football Intermediate Georges Abdo F/17:00-18:15
Football Advanced Georges Abdo F/18:15-19:30

Massage by Rita Awad

Physiotherapy Massage Upon Appointment
Cellulite Massage Upon Appointment
Fight Do Pierre Habchy M,F/8:15-9:45
XX5 Pierre Habchy W/8:15-9:15
Ubound Pierre Habchy M/10:00-11:00 or W/9:30-10:30 or
M 19:00-20:00
Fight Do Pierre Habchy T,TH/20:00-21:00
Aerobics Nelly Kikano T,TH/8:00-9:30
F.A.C. Georgine T,TH/9:00-10:00 and 6:45-7:30 PM
Aerostretching Salma Richa T,TH/10:00-11:30
Pilates Salma Richa F/10:00-11:00
Body Pump Charlie Richa M,W,F/18:00-19:00
Pilates   Jihan Rizakllah   T,TH/ 9:15-10:00 AM

Artistic Gym with Naim

Beginners F 17:00-18:00 PM
Advanced F18:00-19:00 PM
Judo Advanced Wissam Abi Nader F/17:30-19:00
Aikido Francois Chidiac W/F 19:00-20:15
Mixed Martial Arts Wissam Abi Nader everyday from 5:30 to 9:30 PM
Taekwondo Beginner Salim Ghanameh M/W 17:00-18:00
Taekwondo Advanced Salim Ghanameh M/W 18:00-19:00
ZUMBA GOLD M,W 9:15-10:00 AM
U-BOUND  W 20:00 PM
AQUA GYM T/TH 10:00-11:00 AM
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M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, TH for Thursday, F for Friday, S for Saturday.